O’Hare Spring Company exhibited for the first time at the
National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply

ohare spring booth ohare spring booth


O’Hare Spring Company exhibited for the first time at the National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Show, the largest of its kind in the World!

Over 650 exhibitors including O’Hare Spring all seeking to place new ideas and sales opportunities in front of several thousand attendees at the National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Show in Las Vegas on October 22-24.

The constant flow of attendees walking by a Booth plastered with images of Springs and Wire Forms became relevant to many when they were asked;
“Do you buy Springs” or ”Do your customers have Springs and Wire Forms in their Bill of Materials?”

At first I felt like the ‘”Carnival Barker” who challenged the guy walking along side his girl friend to show off his strength by “ringing the bell” or insulting the guy who steps over to your carnival booth before he sinks all 3 shots and wins the worlds largest Teddy Bear!

The point behind the overtures to attendees was simply to provoke their thinking and open minds to look for Spring and Wire Form usage instead of missing it, tripping over it or simply not recognizing it at all and consequently missing out on growing sales.

To walk around the show, one could become somewhat over whelmed by all the “threaded product; here, there and everywhere!
Getting our future customers to see a Spring component for the first time as a sales opportunity, or one of the ways to blow out a sales plan within a broader Fastener category that at its center looks so cluttered was our Mission!

Let us help you grow your C-Class Hardware sales by helping you focus on and look for springs in your customers bill of materials!
Riches are in the Niches so keep looking around the edges of what you currently sell to your customers and turn niches into riches!

For a couple of sales extroverts having people walk by that you can bark out a challenge or ask them about springs or just say “Hi”; what an opportunity and no voice mail either, look their right in front of us!

Check out the pictures, of sales men in their game!


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