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Extension Spring Former

High Accuracy Controls

  • Body alignment controlled by cam activated support tool.
  • Initial tension controlled by the depth of a cam activated coiling tool.
  • Straight leg formation can be done by moving the coil tool up and down.
  • Rotational cutting allows for high-speed applications and mandrel cutting.
  • Magnetic touch sensor precisely controls the number of coils.
  • Four step separators assure precision intermittent motion at high speeds.



  • Two grips over the body portion and between the coils.
  • Bending both ends at the same time gives accurate end angles.
  • Two sensors inspect both hooks and sort for good and bad springs.
  • Automatic stop functions for safety operation by preset counter, decoiler failure, invalid cut, magnetic touch and bad spring counter.  This allows unattended operation.

Wire diameter

.006-.039" (0.15-1.0mm)

Max. spring O.D.

.400" (10mm)

Max. spring length

4.0" (100mm)

Max. production rate


Max. feed length


Max. feed speed


Motors capacity


Maximum Memory Steps

5000 steps


220V, 3 Phase

Dimension (mm)




Specifications are subject to change.

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